/dev/random for HP-UX 11.00

**** WARNING **** The 0.0.2 release contained a race condition that can lead to a kernel page fault and system panic. Update to 0.0.3!!!! Read this page for more information.

hpux11-random-0.0.3.tar.gz now available.

This is the web site of the "random" DLKM (dynamically loadable kernel module) for HP-UX 11.00. This DLKM provides random numbers to applications through a Linux-compatible "/dev/random" device file.

For more information, read this article.

Here, you can download:

I received a note from a happy customer who told me that he needed to install Quality Pack QPK1100 before the kernel module would load. Please look here for more information...

Marco Borsani pointed me to a small snag in the "make install" part for those who do not have the HP ANSI C compiler. In case "make install" starts complaining with error messages from the bundled C compiler, execute the following (as root):

# touch *
# make install
That should do it...

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